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Typical Surfaces: Garage floors, basements, retail, hospitality, commercial.


Epoxy finish is a great alternative for interior concrete floors. It provides excellent protection to the concrete and makes it very easy to clean.


The most important step in an Epoxy finish is the preparation of the existing concrete. All epoxies look great the moment they are installed, but without the correct installation, most epoxy finishes begin to fail quickly. We mechanically prepare the surface, typically with diamond grinders, to smooth the concrete and open the pores for maximum bond with the Epoxy. Most other contractors will use only chemicals and a pressure washer, forcing water into the concrete that later can push its way out, taking their epoxy coating along with it.


We recommend four options for Epoxy coatings:

Epoxy Chips & Flakes

We add multi-colored vinyl chips over the Epoxy coating. The amount of chips can vary from a light scatter pattern to 100% broadcast depending on the look you want. We then coat the floor with an Aliphatic Urethane to create a clear finish that is extremely tough, durable and easy to clean.

Pigmented Epoxy and Thin-mil

Pigmented Epoxies are a great choice for high traffic, interior surfaces. They deliver commercial and industrial grade performance, superior chemical resistance and improve light reflectivity while being an allergen-free flooring system.

Self-Leveling Epoxy

Even after grinding and cleaning there remain irregularities in the existing concrete. Our thick Self-Leveling Epoxy fills all the holes, dips and waves, hiding these imperfections below a smooth and clean finish. Most other contractors use a roll-on finish that follows the irregularities, many of which you don’t notice until after their epoxy is applied.

Epoxy Quartz Floors

We cover the Epoxy with Quartz sand. The sand is available in a variety of colors, and you can choose to use a single color or a combination for a specific mix. This creates a very low slip floor that is easy to clean and maintain.



Epoxy 1

 Pigmented Epoxy Basement

Epoxy 2

 Epoxy Metallic Color

Epoxy 3

 Epoxy Metallic 2

Epoxy 4

 Epoxy Metallic 1

Epoxy 5

 Commercial Epoxy

Epoxy 6

 Epoxy Chip Garage


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  • John from Kannapolis writes...

    "The job" is fantastic and one of the neighbors actually has looked on your website and might contact you to do some work. Lots of people have commented already how great it looks - take all the pictures you want and tell people to call us for references. I'm even more impressed than I thought I would be.


    Thanks for doing such a great job - take all the time you need.

  • Jason from Concord writes...

    First of all, let me say that the drive way looks great. It’s nice to work with people who take pride in doing a good job, and that is exactly what you did. Thank you.


    Enjoyed it and getting to know you. I'll throw any business I can your way.

  • Michael Farrell from Charlotte writes...

    I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for a job well done. I and most importantly, Tonya, absolutely love what you did with our walkway and pool deck. We want to thank you for your professionalism and commend your workforce for getting the job done in a timely fashion. Please feel free to use us as a reference if necessary. Best of luck this summer. Keep in touch.

  • Pat Moore from Harrisburg writes...

    Good morning! Hope all is well with you.


    Our patio and porches continue to receive rave reviews from all who see them. I've made copies of your business card more times than I can count. Your work the best money I've spent on our house in a decade! Thank you for the fine work.

  • Ross from Charlotte writes...

    I want to commend you for an excellent, over the top job on our pool deck, stairs, and upper patio!! Every promise you fulfilled and beyond. Your attitude friendly and professional. Your “trio” crew, amazing. Hard, faithful workers to all the job and special attention to details.


    Carol and I were and are grateful to meet you and to experience your business.

  • Ron and Jan Midura from Cornelius writes...

    I want to express to you and your crew my respect and admiration for the wonderful results you obtained on my upper and lower decks. You were presented some interesting challenges to say the least and the care you and your crew took with protecting my pool and house were truly appreciated by Jan and me. Your guys were not only very hardworking, but extremely professional as well. The results are clearly visible for all to see and Jan and I will be able to enjoy these outdoor living spaces far more now that you have worked your magic.

  • Matt from Lake Wylie writes... I don't often post feedback. However, when service, delivery and quality are exceptional, I must share. We are 100% delighted with the professionalism and the attention to detail of our pool resurfacing from Advanced Surface Solutions. It was obvious that they care and take great pride in the work - which is amazing.